LACRE’s objectives

The “LACRE” joint laboratory is positioned between the TRL levels (TRL: Technology Readiness Level) 2-3 and 6-7, i.e. between the realization of laboratory mock-ups allowing an understanding of the phenomena associated with the development of models and simulation; and the demonstration of prototype reactors tested in representative environment. To overcome technological bottlenecks, developments are conducted as follows:


Setting up tools

  • Setting up tools for design and modeling, the definition of a generic methodology for the design, the manufacturing of mock-up of reactors, the implementation of the catalyst and the characterization and analysis of performances of HEX reactors on test benches. This approach strengthens the scientific and technological skills and know-how of the laboratory.

Industrial development

  • The industrial development of the manufacturing of HEX reactors includes the implementation of tools and methods that allow to lead R&D works at mock-up scale up to their future industrialization. Specifications of manufacturing processes, the definition of machining sequences, manufacturing files, integration of the catalyst, assessment of life expectancy and reactors recycling are investigated in relation with market analysis.

The ultimate objective for ATMOSTAT company is the industrialization and the commercialization of HEX reactors for the energy and the chemical markets.



Our partners

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