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The joint laboratory targets the development of HEX reactors for two markets, chemistry and energy :

  • In chemistry, batch reactors has a significant part of industrial processes.

The batch reactor presents limitations in terms of mass transfer and heat transfer. Alternatives technologies have emerged to improve the efficiency of these processes and more particularly with the process intensification approach. The process intensification with continuous process flow offers advantages in terms of productivity, process control, safety with reduced amounts of reactants in a reaction area, high heat transfer, productivity and reduced investment costs.

HEX reactor for a sustainable chemistry – For liquid reactants (ANR RAPIC)

  • Concept of conversion of renewable energy into a chemical vector

With the emergence of intermittent renewable energies at large scale in Europe, excesses of energy beyond 25TWh are planned in France by 2050. Among different storage solutions with high capacity, the approaches of ‘Power To Gas’ and ‘Power To Liquid’ offer storage capacity beyond 100 TWh. The conversion of electrical energy into a chemical vector such as methane, methanol DME or by Fischer Tropsch is conducted by heterogeneous catalytic pathway of CO2 hydrogenation (also known as CO2 methanation reaction),  a highly exothermic reaction. CO2 can be captured from industrial flue gases or separated from biogas from methanisation. HEX Reactors technology is a key element because it allows to meet the requirement of efficiency of conversion and flexibility inherent to these approaches of energy storage from intermittent renewable energies.



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