LACRE’s objectives

  • The LACRE develops the technology of structured HEX reactors. It aims at promoting through R&D actions a speed up of the ‘time to market’ of this technology for its dissemination and its integration towards the industry.

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Applications – markets

The LACRE targets the dissemination and integration of HEX reactors; (i) in Power to Gas and Power to Liquid systems for the conversion of excesses of intermittent renewable energies, (ii) but also for process intensification in chemistry.

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Our technologies

  • HEX reactors allows a higher energy integration of processes. Assembling by diffusion bonding technology ensures high mechanical strength and durability.

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Réacteur 0.8Nm3/h


LACRE’s technical tools

    • The LACRE has technical tools from ATMOSTAT and from the CEA. The tools are the follows: modelling, simulation, design, machining, assembling of HEX reactors and tests.

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About us

Liten “Laboratory of Innovation for new Energy Technologies and nanomaterials” is an institute of the CEA, a research technological organization in France. It is one of the main European centers of research on new energy technologies.


ATMOSTAT is a French supplier in aerospace & defense and in energy which provides to the market innovative solutions in thermal and fluidic management in extrems condition with a high level of security and durability.



Our partners

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